Laura Di Franco

Brave Healer Productions specializes in publishing and business strategy for holistic health and wellness professionals. We’re waking the world up to what’s possible! Schedule a chat at

Cheryl Tardif

Certified Trichologist at Litchfield County Hair Loss Center in Terryville, CT

Phone: 8602092947  Email: [email protected]

Wendy O Knobloch

Wellness Facilitator at Interior Resonance LLC.

Email: [email protected] phone: 303-324-9612

Bradford Tilden

Sessions and Professional certifications in Universal White Time Healing.

[email protected]

Jacqueline M Kane

I’m Jacqueline Kane, Master Energy Healer, and Low Back Pain Specialist. I support women in discovering the crucial hidden links between their physical pain and finances, and their ability to live a full life. I have over 20 years in private practice as a healer, and over 35 years in health care, and have merged my innate wisdom with a multitude of healing modalities to create a unique, results-oriented method of healing.

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